How Students Can Be Resourceful In Spite Of ASUU Strike

There is the need for higher institution students, especially, those affected by the current ASUU strike to starting planning on how to become their own boss after school.

This is critical as the employment market is already saturated, while the rate of unemployment keeps rising on a daily basis, as vacanciesĀ  for white-collar jobs keeps shrinking.

To this end, it behooves on students to start early enough, now that they have spare time to work with. The future certainly lies in entrepreneurship and the earlier students realise this, the better for the society.

Hence, students affected by the ongoing ASUU strike should embark on the following to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills:

Learn a Skill

It is advisable for undergraduates to take a professional skill to gain mastery of work experience and also to save money towards resumption. They should look out for reputable jobs. There is always opportunity, if you seek out, and if you are not comfortable with the jobs around, then, create one, establish a start-up business no matter how small it might be. Do something meaningful, brand it and sell it. You can also get some freelancing jobs to upskill your career growth.

Volunteering and Career Development

You can decide to volunteer and join creative groups and associations to render andĀ  serve humanity with minimal or no compensation. Therefore, volunteer, help your parents, help the elderly and less privileged. Volunteer in churches and mosques, volunteer in your society because sooner or later, it will pay-off for you economic-wise.

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Build/Join Healthy Associations

Join or build healthy associations that will improve your skills and make you a better individual. Participate and contribute actively, join clubs like book club, tech club, study groups,sports club, red cross, girls guides, among others. These groups help your identity and strengthen your relationship in building networks among your peers.

Apprenticeship Training and Programme

It is advisable and most pertinent for undergraduates to learn a skill at this crucial time. This will help them develop themselves. Most of the apprenticeship programmes fall within the period of 3-6 months of learning before becoming a professional in the field.

You can learn, tailoring, barbing, carpentry, painting, art design, graphics design, catering services, indoor decoration, outdoor decoration, hospitality management services, laundry service, shoe making, video editing, content development and many more.

These relevant skills help the individual to position himself when there is a delay in getting jobs or being recruited into the workforce

Improve Your Mental Well Being

Maximise this period to exercise your body and mind. Join a fitness club, shed-off excess body fat, eat a balanced diet, improve your mental well being by developing new habits. Work on your reading and writing speed as well as your listening ability.

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