BBC News Apologise After ”Manchester United are Rubbish” Headline || VIDEO

Manchester United are rubbish.

That’s according to BBC News.

At least that was the headline they put out on their BBC News channel on Tuesday morning in a rather hilarious error.

While watching the news, readers spotted a headline that simply read ‘Manchester United are rubbish’ while watching a feature on tennis.




BBC News soon apologised for the error and explained what happened.

“A little earlier, some of you may have noticed something a little unusual with the ticker that runs along the bottom of the screen with news making a comment about Manchester United and I hope that Manchester United fans weren’t offended by it,” a new reader said.

Manchester United are rubbish

“Let me just explain what was happening behind the scenes. Someone was training to learn how to use the ticker and to put text on the ticker so they were just writing random things not in earnest and that comment appeared. So apologies if you saw that and you were offended and you’re a fan of Manchester United but that certainly was a mistake and it wasn’t meant to appear on the screen. So that was what happened and we thought he better just explain that to you.”



Oh dear. If you think you’ve had a bad day a work, feel for this person who has just made a mistake that has gone viral.

The headline wasn’t entirely wrong based on this season, though, was it?

United finished sixth this season with just 58 points and with a zero goal difference. They lost 12 matches during a dismal Premier League campaign.

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