Anambra State Schools Resumption Date 2021/2022 [2nd Term]

The Ministry of Basic Education of Anambra state has announced
Tuesday 11th January, 2022 the official resumption date for the commencement of the second term academic activities for 2021/2022 academic session
Following the State Government’s approval for the resumption of schools, the Ministry of Basic Education announces the resumption of all pupils/students of all approved secondary schools (Public, Private, Mission and provides the following guidelines:
1 All boarders are expected to return on Saturday or Sunday 8th – 9th January, 2022
2 Intensive classes start on Tuesday 11th January, 2022
4 Schools are to note that the new wave of Covid-19 is quite serious and thus advised to take precautionary measures to avoid its spread
5. Schools must be disinfected and where possible, fumigated
6. All schools must maintain the use of only one entrance in and out of the school premises. This is to avoid uncontrolled access to the school compound
7. Schools should ensure availability of adequate WASH facilities, including potable water, soap, sanitizers, and hand washing points at all times and ensure regular hygiene
8. Schools should provide infrared thermometers for use in the school 9. Schools should display ICE materials on hygiene education around the premises and in classrooms
10. Display at the school entrance ICE materials that clearly shows that no one should enter the compound unless the temperature is checked
11 Use of face masks is compulsory for both teachers and students in the classrooms, offices and dormitories, etc
12. Students classroom spacing must be at least 2 meters away according to the COVID-19 Social Distancing Protocol
13. Arrangement of students’ beds in the dormitories must also comply with the 2 meters COVID-19 Social Distancing Protocol. There should be an empty/unoccupied bed between one student and another
14. All schools must ensure the readiness of their sickbay/clinic for emergency isolation of any suspected case before contacting the appropriate authority. Sick bays must have at least two beds protected with screens
15. There should be no outdoor activities or games in schools for now.
16. There should be no conduct of school general assembly: Principal and teachers are advised to make announcements in various classrooms

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