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ABSU Departmental Past Questions for 100Lvl [BIO, CHEM, PHY & MAT] || 2nd Semester

The purpose of these past questions is to assess your readiness for  the ABSU 2nd Semester exams. 

ABSU 2nd Semester Exams begins 8th May. SEE FULL TIME-TABLE, CLICK HERE

In the meantime, if you study the past questions carefully, you might find some  repetitions of questions that will be on the ABSU 2nd Semester Examination you are preparing for.


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Why you need ABSU Departmental Past Questions for 100Lvl

There is a very high likelihood that the exam will contain questions from the past. In actuality, up to almost greater percentage of the questions on your exam will be past questions that have been rephrased or repeated especially MAT 102, PHY 104 and PHY 102.


Students are expected to answer theory questions on each of the departmental courses within a period of 60 minutes.

30 Marks would be taken as Continuous Assessment (CA) and the remaining 70 Marks would be taken as examinations in each of the Departmental courses. A Total of 100 Marks.

The assignments and Attendance would serve as Continuous Assessment (CA).


As for BIO 104, CHEM 182 and PHY 156, no examination will be taken for such courses. Rather marks would be gotten from the various manuals.

This is to inform all 100 Level Students that they can now get/download the previous examination Departmental past questions online.


This will help or serve as a learning guide to them or be used to coach or brush them up, also enlighten them or create awareness of the type of questions they will be expecting during the written examinations.
We are glad that the past questions are made available for public download by MSS, you can follow the links below to download from year 2018 – 2021.

ABSU Departmental Past Questions [2018 – 2020] for 2nd Semester | 100Level



PHY 102 {Physics}:


PHY 104 {Physics}:


CHEM 102 {Chemistry}:


MAT 102 & 104 {Mathematics}:


BIO 102 {Biology}:


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